Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Fully funded PhD researcher in Applied Behavioral Sciences (Paris, France)

Via Olivier Oullier

Fully funded PhD researcher in Applied Behavioral Sciences (Paris, France)
BVA Group Paris & Aix-Marseille University (AMU)

The PhD researcher will work with BVA’s Innovation Team, she/he will participate in designing and implementing new market research using cutting insights from behavioral economics/nudge, social affective neuroscience and psychology.

The research will first require an extensive literature review on how behaviorally and neuroscientifically evidence-informed laboratory and field research can improve strategies in both the public and the private sectors. Topics covered will range from finance to public health including food, voting behavior, education, law, sustainable consumption etc.

Then, the researcher will implement behavioral insights in ongoing market research in the private and the public sectors. BVA Group is currently leading the effort in implementing nudges in national policy making, the applied part of the PhD work will therefore constitute a significant part of the job.
The candidate will participate in designing lab and field studies (RCTs), controlling the way data is collected (qualitative and quantitative), analyzed (coding scheme and statistical plan) and presented (datavizualisation and report). In order to gain experience, she/he will work with BVA’s Business Units to take into account the reality of the market and production constraints. At the academic level, the work will be supervised and supported by the Behavior, Cognition and Brain Institute and the Cognitive Psychology Lab of Aix-Marseille University/CNRS, France’s leading institution in bridging theoretical and applied work in behavioral and brain sciences to real life issues.
In addition to the research work, the selected candidate is expected to participate in the training of market researchers on behavioral insights and help them with their work in this domain.

The candidate must display a strong interest and knowledge in behavioral sciences applied to market research and policy-making. Prior experience in behavioral economics, nudging, social psychology, or social neuroscience/neuroeconomics will be prioritized. An academic and/or professional background in one of the following fields: cognitive, social or differential psychology, behavioral economics, neuroscience will be appreciated together with high-level skills in statistics and data visualization.
A Masters Degree is required to become a PhD candidate at Aix-Marseille University.
Fluent English is compulsory. French speaking will be appreciated but is not mandatory.

The PhD candidate will preferably have a 3-year French private/public contract (called CIFRE in France) between BVA Group and Aix-Marseille University. Other contracts to be discussed, depending on the candidate’s current status. Salary will depend on experience.

The work at BVA will be supervised by Etienne Bressoud, Innovation and Marketing Sciences Manager together with the PhD supervisor, Olivier Oullier, Professor of Behavioral and Brain Sciences at Aix-Marseille University. The main location of the work will be Boulogne-Billancourt (near Paris, for the office work) where BVA labs are located. The PhD researcher will have to undergo mandatory graduate classes (approximately 2 weeks each year) in Marseille. The candidate should be ready to travel in France and abroad to conduct research an present her/his work.

The recruitment is open as of today until the position is filled. Ideally the chosen candidate should not start later than the end of November, 2014 (deadline for PhD applications in France)

The candidate is expected to send a motivation letter, detailed CV, and letters of recommendation.

Applications and further questions should be sent via email to both

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