Thursday, October 18, 2012

Multi-level data from European Social Survey released

The ESS Multilevel Data resource (ESS MD) has now been launched from the ESS Data Website at The ESS MD was partly funded by the Descartes Research Prize awarded to the ESS in 2005.
The ESS MD resource contains data at the individual level (the survey data from ESS respondents), the country level and the regional level. It incorporates contextual variables on a number of themes, including demography, geography, economy, health, education and crime.

There are two main gateways to the multilevel data:

1) Online Browsing - where the individual level ESS survey data are linked to contextual data on the regional level.  This is according to the ESS regional variable, as well as to contextual country level data.

2) Multilevel Download - where the user can choose regional NUTS levels in addition to the ESS regional variable and create a bespoke dataset. Please note however that not all NUTS levels are available for all countries. For further information about the resource please see

In addition, the ESS has now published an ESS EduNet training package on Multilevel Models which provides guidance about this type of analysis. Please see:

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Liam Delaney said...

Thanks Enda - this is invaluable data.