Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Events Schedule

Just a summary of some up-coming events:

On October 26th, we will launch the Center formally during the course of a one-day workshop. Details here.

On November 30th, the 5th Irish Economics, Psychology and Neuroscience one-day conference will take place in Dublin. Having had keynotes in the past such as Arie Kapteyn, John O'Doherty and David Laibson, we are happy to say that this year's keynote will be Professor Bob Sugden of East Anglia. Further details will be posted here and emailed.

December 3rd will be the Christmas research conference for the School of Management in Stirling and will have a component relating to the new center.

The exact date for next year's Scottish Graduate School of Social Science Summer School will be announced later in the year. Details of this year's session are here. The reading list from the Economics and Psychology session is here.

Our fourth workshop will take place on February 22nd in Stirling

The schedule for our online sessions will be maintained on this page for now. Welcome suggestions for sessions.

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