Friday, November 19, 2010

Brendan Walsh on Leaving Cert. Points and University Performance in Economics

Title: Leaving Certificate points and performance in first arts economics: a study of the 1987/88 UCD class
Authors: Walsh, Brendan M.; Garvey, Padhraic
Date: Apr-1989; UCD Centre for Economic Research Working Paper Series WP89/6

This paper shows that there is a weak association between Leaving. Cert points-scores and university performance in Economics. The authors recommend that the optimal scoring scheme for entry to university Economics would give more weight to Mathematics. It is also recommended that Irish should be given less weight, or indeed none at all. Finally, the authors recommend further research that would include socio-economic and psychological factors amongst the variables explaining academic performance at university.


Kevin Denny said...

I have looked into this with our data from UCD: this is all UCD entrants for 6 years with a wide range of controls so vastly better data.
There is a pretty strong relationship between 1st year score and LC points and its linear too. There is an extra kick on maths points even in non-STEM areas. While you can find other variables that are significant, like SES, they have a very small effect by comparison.

Liam Delaney said...

ditto in the work with me, Cathy and Colm - LC points do a good job in predicting scores in college independently of parental background. We did not look at maths separately which we could do.