Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Wednesday Weekly Sessions

We host a weekly session from 930am to 1030am on Wednesday mornings to bring our researchers and students together with external stakeholders interested in this area. As well as knowledge exchange, we also hope that students will be encouraged to apply some of their material to direct policy questions. Below is current schedule. We welcome expressions of interest.

Spring 2018 

24th January: Anamaria Vrabie (The New School): "Behavioural Economics and Urban Design". 

31st January: Cliona Kelly (UCD) "Behavioural Law and Economics". 

7th February: Derville Rowland, Director General, Financial Conduct at the Central Bank. 

14th February: Aisling NĂ­ Chonaire: Lead Research Advisor, Behavioural Insights Team. 

21st February: Faisal Naru (OECD): "Behavioural Economics and Public Policy". 

28th February: Doris Laepple (NUIG): "Behavioural Experiments in Agricultural Economics". 

7th March: Cal Muckley (UCD): "National culture and banking operational risk".

4th April: Ben Elsner (UCD/IZA): "Rank and Peer Effects in Education". 

11th April: Paul Adams (FCA): "Behavioural Economics at the Financial Conduct Authority". 

18th April: Deirdre Robertson (ESRI): "Behavioural Economics and Regulation".

Autumn 2017 

27th September: Simon Rafferty (EPA) "Behavioural Economics and Environmental Policy" and Patricia Harris (HSA): "Reducing Work Accidents in Ireland"

4th October: Clare Delargy (BIT): "Behavioural Insights Team and Public Policy".

11th October: Aine Lyng and Ronan Murphy (NCCP): "Cancer Prevention"

18th October: Cathal Fitzgerald (DETI): "Brexit and Firm Decision Making; Behavioural Economics of Innovation".

25th October: Till Weber (Nottingham): "Experimental Methods and Behavioural Economics".

1st November: Leonhard Lades (UCD and EnvEcon): "Naturalistic Monitoring of Human Preferences and Behaviour".

8th November: Michael Daly (UCD and Stirling): "Self-control and Health".

15 November: Orla Doyle (UCD): "Behavioural Economics and Early Childhood Intervention".

22nd November: Kenneth Devine (Central Bank of Ireland): "Behavioural Economics and Financial Decision Making".

29th November: Keith Walsh (Revenue): "Behavioural Economics and Tax Administration".

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