Friday, April 14, 2017

Behavioural Public Policy Journal

The new journal "Behavioural Public Policy" edited by Adam Oliver, Cass Sunstein, and George Akerlof is a very welcome addition to the intellectual environment in this area. Forthcoming article titles for 2017 are below, including many leading figures in the field.

Sarah Conly: ‘Paternalism, Coercion, and the Unimportance of (Some) Liberties’.

Shaun Hargreaves Heap: ‘Behavioural Public Policy – The Constitutional Approach’.

David Hirshleifer and Siew Hong Teoh: ‘How Psychological Bias Shapes Accounting and Financial Regulation’.

Michael Jones-Lee and Terje Aven: ‘Weighing Private Preferences in Public Sector Safety Decisions: Some Reflections on the Practical Application of the Willingness to Pay Approach’.

Dan Kahan, Ellen Peters, Erica Dawson and Paul Slovic: ‘Motivated Numeracy and Enlightened Self-Government’.

George Loewenstein and Nick Chater: ‘Putting Nudges in Perspective’.

Pete Lunn and Aine Ni Choisdealbha: ‘The Case for Laboratory Experiments in Behavioural Public Policy’.

Sunita Sah: ‘Policy Solutions to Conflicts of Interest: The Power of Professional Norms’.

Barry Schwartz and Nathan Cheek: ‘Choice, Freedom, and Well Being: Considerations for Public Policy’.

Cass Sunstein: ‘Nudges that Fail’.

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