Saturday, August 15, 2015

Links 15th August 2015

1. Roberto and Kawachi edited book out in October - "Behavioural Economics and Public Health"

2. Conti, Heckman, Pinto "The Effects of Two Influential Early Childhood Interventions on Health and Healthy Behaviors".

3.  Achtziger et al 2015 JOEP "Debt out of control: The links between self-control, compulsive buying, and real debts".

4. 2nd edition of Elster's brilliant "Explaining Social Behavior: More Nuts and Bolts for Social Sciences".

5. Cass Sunstein will speak in UCD on October 19th.

6. Farre et al IZA WP "Feeling Useless: The Effect of Unemployment on Mental Health in the Great Recession".

7. Lavechhia et al IZA WP "Behavioural Economics of Education: Progress and Possibilities".

8. NBER Working Papers listed under the category "Behavioural Economics"

9. Parker NBER WP  "Why don't households smooth consumption?"
This paper evaluates theoretical explanations for the propensity of households to increase spending in response to the arrival of predictable, lump-sum payments, using households in the Nielsen Consumer Panel who received $25 million in Federal stimulus payments that were distributed randomly across weeks. The pattern of spending is inconsistent with models in which identical households cycle through high and low response states as they manage liquidity. Instead, the propensity spend is a persistent household trait. This trait is unrelated to expectation errors, almost unrelated to crude measures of procrastination and self-control, moderately related to measures of sophistication and planning, and highly related to a measure of impatience.
10. Internship for ESRC-funded PhD students working at the Behavioural Insights group at Public Health England.

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