Sunday, April 05, 2015

Links 5th April 2015

1. Lukasz Walasek and Gordon Brown Psych Science article  "Income Inequality and Status Seeking"

2. Postdoctoral fellowship in behavioural economics working at ESRI Dublin. Application forms available at this link

3. Financial Solutions lab interesting initiative.
"The Financial Solutions Lab is a virtual laboratory for anyone who uses technology to improve Americans’ financial health. Lab participants share a relentless focus on building products and services that embrace inclusion, build trust, promote success, and create opportunity. Over the next five years, we will create challenges and rewards for innovative entrepreneurs, companies, and non-profits building solutions for the issue areas we highlight. We will grow an ecosystem of innovators that will catalyze impact on the lives of Americans."
4.  Two research fellowships at University of Stirling - across all areas of University

5. I am speaking at the Sydney Behavioural Economics Network on 15th April. Details here.

6. David Colander & Roland Kupers "Complexity & the Art of Public Policy:Solving Society’s Problems from the Bottom Up". Another from the mightily impressive Princeton University Press behavioural economics catalogue.

7. Call for papers for the first Stirling PhD Behavioural Science conference

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Michael Daly said...

Basis of Walasek & Brown ("It is well established that income inequality is associated with lower societal well-being") lines up with a recent review (though only for Western nations) though somewhat questionable given recent evidence showing null or opposite associations:


No association: Does National Income Inequality Affect Individuals’ Quality of Life in Europe? Inequality, Happiness, Finances, and Health

Positive association: Income Inequality and Subjective Well-being: A Cross-National Study on the Conditional Effects of Individual and National Characteristics