Monday, August 03, 2015

Workshop at the Scottish Parliament on "Future Directions for Well-Being Policy: Measurement, Implementation, and Engagement" (September 18, 2015)

On September 18th 2015, we will host a workshop in the Scottish Parliament on “Future Directions for Well-Being Policy: Measurement, Implementation, and Engagement”. The workshop is funded by the Scottish Institute for Research in Economics (SIRE) and organised by Christopher Boyce, David Bell and Liam Delaney.

Although we now have a good understanding of critical factors that cause societies, and the individuals that reside there, to rate life as being either satisfying versus dissatisfying, happy versus unhappy, there are many challenges ahead with regard to implementing findings from this body of research.

First, we need reliable national indicators of well-being that link to policy outcomes and complement economic measures like GDP; second, we need to understand more precisely how policy will affect well-being and how such findings can be implemented into policy choices; and third, we need meaningful public dialogue as to the purpose and relevance of well-being policy to people’s everyday lives. Our workshop to be held in the Scottish Parliament will focus on these three aspects and bring together a diverse range of speakers and participants to establish ways to progress.

Scotland is uniquely positioned to develop the international debate around well-being based policy. Not only has the Scottish Government developed and implemented the world renowned National Performance Framework but there is also a critical mass of researchers within academia and policy think tanks willing to take this debate forward.

The workshop will build on the successful well-being policy workshop we held last year at the University of Stirling and aims to facilitate greater collaboration that will lead to published work, further develop well-being networks both nationally and internationally, develop Scotland’s reputation in the global well-being movement, and ultimately create debate that will lead to policies that will improve the lives of individuals living and working in Scotland. 

The event is nearing capacity and spaces are now extremely limited. If you would like to come then please email

Schedule of the day

9:00-9:30: Registration 
9:30-10:00: Introduction to the day

The Science of Well-Being

10:00-10:25: Conal Smith: "Measuring Well-Being: Progress to Date and Remaining Challenges"
10:25-10:50: Liam Delaney: "Measurement Issues in Well-Being"
10:50-11:15: Open discussion on the science of well-being

11:15-11:35: Tea and coffee

Keynote talk: 
11:35-12:35: Bryan Smale: "The Canadian Index of Wellbeing: From Measurement to Engagement"

12:35-13:35: Lunch


13:35-14:00: Wendy Loretto: "Well-Being at Work: Beyond Policy"
14:00-14:25: Saamah Abdallah: What Does Wellbeing Mean for Policy? Frameworks and Principles"
14:25-14:50: Open discussion on implementation

14:50-15:10: Tea and coffee


15:10-15:35: Karen Scott: "Wellbeing: Politics, Power, and Participation"
15:35-16:00: Christina Victor: "Engaging Stakeholders in Conversations about Wellbeing"
16:00-16:25: Open discussion on engagement

16:25-16:45 – Closing remarks and summary

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