Friday, September 20, 2013

Summary of Financial Incentives Conference (13.9.13)

The Stirling Behavioural Science Centre held a conference on the theme of “Financial Incentives and Pro-social Behaviour” in Stirling University last Friday September 13th. As an attendee I thought it was an excellent conference and feedback for the day was similarly positive. The speakers all gave a good account of themselves and their research and David Comerford was an excellent host. A fellow attendee, Mike Baldwin, has a nice summary of the day here on storify

The purpose of this post is to call attention to the PowerPoint slides that some of the speakers have allowed us to upload.

1. Nicola Lacetera from University of Toronto "Economic rewards to motivate blood donations"

2. Mirjam Plantinga from University of Groningen "Financial incentives - obesity and stigma

3. Dan Connolly from ideas42 "Accuracy and Motivation in Political Judgment"

4. Peter Ubel from Duke University "Skin in the Game

5. David Meads from University of Leeds "Survey of User Financial Incentives for Health Behaviour Change"

6. Jonathan James from University of Bath "Incentives and Children's Dietary Choices"

7. Marianne Promberger from King's College London "Perceived coerciveness of rewards for medical

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