Thursday, December 20, 2012

Festive links

Hope people enjoy whatever you are getting up to over Christmas. Some links below:

1. Why is housing such a popular investment? A new psychological explanation: Interesting VOX piece outlining nominal loss aversion as potential explanation for surprising levels of demand for housing as an investment

2. Interesting article on the future orientation of Jeff Bezos

3. RAND launching major study on food choice in the US  

4. Behavioural approaches to student choices in higher education

5.  Another important paper from Sunstein "The Storrs Lectures: Behavioral Economics and Paternalism"

6. Forthcoming AER paper by Keith Chen putting forth hypothesis on link between language and time discounting

7. Cabinet Office Behavioural Insights Team have a new blog 

8. Al Roth's Nobel lecture 

9. Release of results from Health Survey for England 

10. Paper from Australian Office of Best Practice Regulation -  Influencing Consumer Behaviour: Improving Regulatory Design

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