Sunday, September 02, 2012

Weekend Links Start of September

1. Fascinating article with a recovering drug addict about his upbringing and life. "Fr Peter McVerry, the social justice campaigner, calls them “disaster childhoods”: chaotic homes with drug-addicted parents, rife with violence and neglect, where the children might stay out on the street to avoid hassle at home."

2. The Economist on the mystery of the Glasgow health effect.

3. The Economist again on the attraction of solitude

4. Gary King and Maya Sen on using social science research to improve teaching

5. Advice from WSJ for undergraduates on how to set themselves up for job market more effectively. Some of these tips are very useful and not very time-consuming. Certainly, everyone should learn how to write a professional cover letter, consider taking internships in the career areas they are interested in, develop their CV and so on.

6. Marginal Revolution on personal poverty coaches 

7. The Grand Challenges of the Economic and Social Sciences 

8. 5 design tricks facebook use to affect your privacy decisions 

9. John Considine's paper on using Yes Minister to teach public choice theory. Yes Minister was an English comedy set around the relationship between senior civil servants and their Minister (later Prime Minister). It is brilliant. The BBC have placed many clips on youtube to give you a feel for it.

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