Monday, August 13, 2012

Nudge and Beyond: Behavioural Science, Policy and What Works

A very important session on behavioural science and policy at the British academy (co-organised with the Cabinet Office) is available on this link. The summary is below and they have made the videos of the talks available. There is a lot of material here on the interaction of politics, policy and behavioural science in the UK. (H/T to Kim for sending the link address).

The British Academy Policy Centre and the Behavioural Insights Team, Cabinet Office were delighted to host a one day event, focusing upon the application of behavioural science to public policy since the establishment of the Behavioural Insights Team (BIT) in July 2010 by the Prime Minister. BIT also launched their new report Test, Learn, AdaptProfessor Richard Thaler delivered a keynote speech looking at the ways in which behavioural science has progressed since the publication of the influential book Nudge in 2008. He was introduced by Lord O’Donnell, former Cabinet Secretary and Chair of the Behavioural Insights Team’s Academic Advisory Panel. Afterwards Dr David Halpern, Director of BIT and Chief Strategy Advisor, 10 Downing Street, presented the findings of BIT and addressed its forthcoming challenges. The programme also featured presentations on the most recent experiments in behavioural science, covering such topics as crime, energy use, and public health. 

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