Thursday, August 16, 2012

Behavioural Economics and Scottish Constitutional Change

Scotland will vote in 2014 whether to go the route of becoming an independent country (some details here). The form the referendum will take (including the number of options) is not as yet clear. I will use this post to keep track of resources relevant to behavioural economics and constitutional change. It will change as the year progresses.

Behavioural Economics Background:

Russell Sage Foundation Reading List on Behavioural Economics 

Behavioural Economics and Political Science:

Rick Wilson Annual Review of Political Science article "The Contribution of Behavioral Economics to Political Science"

Jones, B.D. (2001). Politics and the Architecture of Choice: Bounded Rationality and Governance. London and Chicago: The University of Chicago Press.

Levy, J.S. (2003). Applications of Prospect Theory to Political Science. Synthese, 135, 215-41.

Mercer, J. (2005). Prospect Theory and Political Science. Annual Review of Political Science, 8, 1-21.

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