Thursday, June 21, 2012

Online resources for teaching economics

I am going to use this post to keep track of various online resources for teaching Economics. Please feel free to make suggestions. I want to keep it to material that offers formal pedagogical training material. I think anyone teaching Economics or involved in running Economics programmes should follow the developments regarding online delivery of courses by top universities.

Main Resources Relevant to Formal Economics Training (Will Add to This):

1. MIT OpenCourseWare Economics Courses: This is a large part of the MIT Economics Curriculum at Undergraduate and Graduate level.

2. EdX is a new initiative of both MIT and Harvard. It will begin running courses in October.

3. CourseRA has a number of useful courses in Economics.

4. Kahn Academy has many tutorials on most areas of Economics. Mostly pre-college or early undergraduate courses for now.

See below the press conference announcing the Harvard/MIT edX initiative.

Salman Khan talking about the idea behind Kahn academy:

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