Friday, May 18, 2012

Economics, Psychology and Policy Workshop 15th June

The second in our series of workshops on economics, psychology and policy takes place June 15th in the Cottrell Building in Stirling. I am using this post to update the programme and precise timings and room number will be posted here shortly. Details of the previous session are here. Please email to confirm a place.

Our new research group in Stirling will launch in October. Our preliminary webpage is here and twitter feed is here. We very much welcome suggestions for developing the group, ideas for collaboration and offers for sponsorship of workshops and events.  We even welcome, from the creative among you, suggestions for a name before "Stirling EconPsych" sticks.

Stirling Workshop Series in Economics, Psychology and Policy 

June 15th,

Stirling University Cottrell Building

9.00 Clare Delargy (UCD) "Gender and SES differences in earnings expectations:
survey and field experiment evidence".

9.30 Nick Hanley (Stirling) "Information effects in random utility models"

10.00 Dave Comerford (Duke) "Cigarette substitutes or Nicotine Replacement
Therapies? implications for public health"

10.30 BREAK

10.40 Eimear Crowe (UCD and St Vincents) "Examining social interaction effects on
mood using Day Reconstruction"

11.10 Alberto Montagnoli & Mirko Moro (Stirling). "Mood and Decision Making"

11.40 Roger Sugden & Malido Mooken (Stirling) "Capabilities approach to

12.10 LUNCH

13.10 Adam Kleczkowski & Savi Maharak (Stirling) "Controlling epidemic spread
by responding to risk: Do it well or not at all"

13.40 Aniko Biro (Edinburgh) "An analysis of mammography decisions"

14.20 Michael Daly (Aberdeen) "Self-control, smoking and policy effectiveness".

14.50 BREAK

15.00 Georgios Panos (Stirling). "Risk tolerance and entrepreneurship"

15.30 Liam Delaney (Stirling) "Behavioural economics and health policy"

16.00 Pete Lunn (ESRI) "A Good Deal on My Mind: Experiments On Willingness
to Exchange”

17.00 END

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