Tuesday, October 04, 2011

SBE 2020- White Papers

This series of proposals, released by the Directorate for the Social, Behavioral, and Economic Sciences of the National Science Foundation (SBE/NSF) in the US, is worth a look. 

Researchers were invited to submit a short paper detailing what they considered the 'grand challenges' facing their discipline in the future to be. Respondents included Prof. Edward Glaeser, on bounded rationality in markets and government, and Prof. Esther Duflo on the future of development economics. 
The 252 papers can be viewed here http://www.nsf.gov/sbe/sbe_2020/all.cfm.
A pdf file containing all the submissions collated together can be downloaded here        http://www.nsf.gov/sbe/sbe_2020/Abstracts.pdf.


Liam Delaney said...

Thanks Clare - a lot of food for thought.

Kevin Denny said...

They are a pretty mixed bag. Some big ideas, some people just flogging their own agendas (obscure at times). I thought there was relatively little on health related issues.