Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Graduate Unemployment

I can't find the release on the HEA website, but a story in the Irish Times from Saturday states that "fewer than half of undergraduates who completed degrees in 2009 are employed, according to provisional figures from the Higher Education Authority. The initial findings of a HEA survey indicate that 45 per cent of those who graduated last year are in employment, while 43 per cent have gone on to further education." The Irish Times article also says: "According to CSO figures, in March 2010 there were just over 59,000 unemployed graduates in Ireland." On Saturday's Mariane Finucane show on RTE Radio 1, Charlie Bird stepped into the presenter's seat and spoke to a number of recent college graduates about their plans for the future.


Kevin Denny said...

The HEA report is here
It says 10% of the 2008 are unemployed & 50% employed I think. So an unemployment rate of 10/60, about 17%.

Martin Ryan said...

Thanks for the clarification Kevin. That's a useful calculation too.