Monday, August 30, 2010

Class Interaction and Problem Based Learning

Am currently debating both with myself and others as to the relative merits of different approaches to supplement lecture courses and traditional tutorials and problem sets, in particular to create classes where the students are very motivated to perform and go beyond the basic materials. One great thing about looking at the Harvard Justice class is the amount of interaction with the student audience. It drives a number of the lectures. One particularly thorny one is the approach in some institutions of making attendance mandatory and of allocating a proportion of grade to how well the student deals with questions thrown at them in class, and how fully they participate in class discussion.  

A few useful links below to problem-based learning approaches, which is another approach to getting classes to move beyond passive listening and toward very active engagement with the topics.

Problem-based learning: an introduction:

PBL for economics:

Setting up a partial PBL environment:

PBL at Maastricht University (university which uses PBL in all programmes):

PBL in Ireland:


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