Monday, March 22, 2010

Assorted Links

1. The Eurodoc Survey on the Situation of Doctoral Candidates: First Findings.

2. Prezi: software for giving a presentation with a twist (HT: Karol Borowiecki).

3. Roger Koenker: Reproducibility in Econometrics Research

4. The University of Illinois Econometrics Hall of Fame.

5. The Harvard undergraduate thesis on the CDO Market Meltdown, that everybody is talking about (HT: Greg Mankiw).

6. Every day they are tracking millions of blogs, news sites, Twitter, photo and video sharing sites, forums and more...

7. This article on "big data" is written by the co-founder and Head of Research at FlightCaster: a company that tries to predict whether your flight will be delayed.

8. find out what's hot on Wikipedia

9. R is much more of a complement to one of Stata, SAS or SPSS than any of these three is to another, according to a UCLA report written by Patrick Burns.

10. Are Stata users missing out? You can send tweets and read Twitter from R.

11. A new book on "R for Stata Users".

12. "Opting-out" of Google Analytics tracking.

13. Barclays Wealth is currently looking for a person who will support the development and implementation of behavioural finance driven commercial applications. The successful candidate will be based with the Behavioural Analytics Group in London. Behavioural Analytics is a team devoted to understanding theoretical and empirical aspects of individual financial personality (such as attitude to risk). "Our goal is that each client's portfolio is tailored to their personality, objectives, circumstances and behaviour." Contact: Greg B Davies, Director, Head of Behavioural Analytics, Barclays Wealth.

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Kevin Denny said...

10: no they are not. If you feel the need to twitter while doing statistics then you really are regressing.