Tuesday, December 08, 2009

One Step Closer to Perfect Information

"MySpace and Facebook have both signed deals with Google to allow publicly available status updates to be indexed in real-time by the search giant...Up till now Google had only signed a similar deal with Twitter and was missing agreements with Facebook and MySpace...This means that when somebody searches for a particular topic on Google they will receive real-time updates from a variety of social media sites, as well as the usual list of search results." Full story here.


Martin Ryan said...

Here's the link to Bing Twitter:


Hottest topics right now are:

* Baghdad
* Carrie Underwood
* Citos
* Coordinated
* Coordinated Bombings
* COP15
* Copenhagen
* Heisman
* Hoarders
* Holiday
* Jaebum
* John Lennon
* Least 101
* Nicki Minaj
* Pearl Harbor
* Profit
* Ray J
* Tiger Woods
* Woods

Martin Ryan said...

Those interested in the new search-data that will be available should appreciate the differences that will now arise between using Google and Bing. Bing may be superior for real-time breaking trends.


"The new integration of Facebook into Google Search doesn’t actually feed all that much Facebook information into Google (Google) search results. In fact, only the updates of public Facebook pages are included in the real-time stream. Profile updates are not part of this deal.

That is a huge detail. Often the most relevant and personal information comes from Facebook profiles, not pages. Pages are primarily controlled by businesses and public figures, making their updates less raw and less personal. You won’t see a lot of companies updating their status with their feelings about the Tiger Woods scandal, but you will see a lot of profiles, even public ones, discussing breaking news about his affair...

However, Microsoft has access to all Facebook public profiles through its search deal with Facebook for Bing."