Monday, November 02, 2009

DEW Economics Conference

The conference today was a great experience intellectually if not emotionally. John McHale argued for the idea of notional defined contribution pensions and provided a thought-provoking discussion of the nature of the Irish pension system and the challenges facing it. Colm Harmon gave a wide-ranging talk outlining the economic policy issues surrounding irish education from pre-school right up to postdoctoral labour markets. I will post Colm's note later in the week and I urge people to study it carefully and debate its contents. Philip Lane put forward his strategy for macroeconomic recovery. Details of that are available here . David Blanchflower assessed Irish unemployment experience in the context of OECD unemployment. Blanchflower's talk highlighted the potential welfare costs associated with a large cohort of young people remaining in unemployment and he argued for a wide range of interventions to stem this. Both John Fitzgerald and Colm McCarthy offered thoughtful contributions as chairs of the sessions. The wide-ranging panel discussion that took place at the end was a particular highlight for me with nearly an hour of questions and discussions. I hope this debate will continue and lead somewhere. I have certainly continuously learned from and been challenged by the ongoing discussion being carried in these conferences and on I think it is important now that a realisation of the extent of this collapse has formed that we continue to discuss the five year and ten year term as we consider policies. Today was a good start to this.


Eve OCallaghan said...

You said there would be videos of the event. Will you be linking to them here or on irisheconomy?

Liam Delaney said...

both eve. will be tomorrow.