Monday, August 24, 2009

Religion is Good for your Health

Stumbling and Mumbling blog pick up on the Angus Deaton religion paper

link here

A link to the paper is below. As said in the conclusions, don't rush out to mass just yet. The association is likely due to very long-lasting effects of religion on habits and dispositions.

Deaton - Aging, Religion and Health

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Kevin Denny said...

Oh, God we're back to religion again. Before you turn to Mecca you might note Deaton's comment "It is easy to think of reasons why this causal framework might be wrong; poor health might cause people to turn to religion, or there could be third factors
such as rates of time preference that affect both religiosity and health. However, I do not believe that there is currently any credible way of distinguishing causality. So I shall simply follow the large majority of the literature, assuming the causal structure and examining the plausibility and interest of what I get within it."