Tuesday, April 14, 2009

RAND on Five Key Education Priorities for Obama

Interesting one from RAND


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Martin Ryan said...

Two of the priorities are:

(i) Promoting Effective Preschool Programs: http://tinyurl.ie/809

This is quite interesting in the context of the PFL evaluation that is ongoing at Geary, and the recent Budget announcement that there will be a universal year of pre-school education in Ireland from January 2010 onwards.

(ii) The Role of Charter Schools in Improving Education:

I blogged before about Jack Buckley from NYU who did work using anchoring vignettes to examine parents' satisfaction with charter schools in the US. He used the chopit model (estimated in GLAMM) to examine the "rose-coloured glasses" effect, which refers to parents reporting higher levels of satisfaction with a school solely or partially as a justification for the effort expended in the choice process.

Initially, Buckley finds that parents in charter schools evaluate their child's school more highly and are more satisfied with many dimensions of those schools than parents with children in traditional public schools.

After applying the anchoring vignettes technique, Buckley shows that parents who change to a charter school are actually tougher graders of the new school.

These results are reported in a book by Buckley and Mark Schneider: "Charter Schools - Hope or Hype?". The publication is currently available courtesy of Google Books.

The blog post is here: