Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Irish women less optimistic on economy?

Irish women are less optimistic about the general state of the economy and living conditions in Ireland than males, according to a survey carried out by Dublin-based digital research agency Sponge It. (Sponge It has a consumer panel of 3,000). More detail on the story is available here.

The survey shows that 65pc of males think Ireland is a better place to live than 10 years ago, compared to 56pc of females. Females are also less likely to make a major purchase in the next three months at 17pc, in comparison to 23pc of males. The are a number of possible motivations behind these answers; so what I can see from the research so far does not strictly indicate that Irish women are less optimistic on the economy.

Sarah A Gubbins will present on gender differences in the Irish Universities Study on Friday at Geary, and the findings may shed more light on gender differences in college students' optimism about the economy.


Michael Daly said...

Men are pretty much always more optimistic than women on questions like these.. are men more optimistic

Kevin Denny said...

But who's right? An economist would want to know whether men or women are more realistic about the economy?