Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Backing up gmail

Apologies, this post isn't related to behavioural economics, however I found it useful and hope some other people who use gmail might also. I was worried about the conficker.c "April Fool's worm" so I backed up everything I have been working on. I was also worried about the amount of info I have stored in emails on Gmail so I wanted to find a way to back this up.

You can download an application called Mozilla Thunderbird

and direct it to download directly from your gmail account. The set up process only takes about 2 minutes. This application will download all emails currently in your gmail account and save them as txt files in a folder on your computer's hard drive. From there you can also create a back up on an external drive by copying the folder across.

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Kieran said...

If you use a Mac, the Mac Mail feature does the same thing