Friday, February 13, 2009

Paying People to Quit Smoking Once Again

Another paper (this time an RCT) shows that paying people to quit smoking works.

"The incentive group had significantly higher rates of smoking cessation than did the information-only group 9 or 12 months after enrollment (14.7% vs. 5.0%, P<0.001) and 15 or 18 months after enrollment (9.4% vs. 3.6%, P<0.001)."

Please, Please, Please someone do this in Ireland - I will do your stats for free provided the results are made public!


Liam Delaney said...

One really interesting feature of these experiments is the extent to which they could be used to examine the causal effect of smoking on other outcomes. If you were willing to assume that the only effect of the incentive is on smoking rather than on raising income in a meaningful sense

Anonymous said...

Incentives do work much better then coming up with how many deaths per year banners.

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