Saturday, May 25, 2024

Advances in Well-Being and Policy June 17th Geary Institute

I am organising a roundtable workshop on June 17th. It will take place between 11am and 4pm in the Geary Institute boardroom with kind venue support from the UCD Geary Institute. The workshop will hear a set of short talks on ongoing developments in the study of subjective well-being and public policy, including the development of national well-being frameworks, advances in subjective well-being measurement, current state of knowledge of connections between well-being, climate, health and policy, and other topics.  Presentation of policy papers, work in progress and/or potential project ideas are encouraged alongside regular research paper presentations. Bloomsday the day to celebrate James Joyce's famous book Ulysses takes place the day before so there will be at least some space devoted to day reconstruction methods! I will also organise the session to allow for a focused discussion on publication, research funding, and policy application. 

Provisional Programme (Suggestions by email welcome) 

1030 - 11am: Coffee and Welcome

11.00am to 11-30am: Leonhard Lades (UCD and Stirling), "Pro-Environmental Behaviour in Everyday Life".

11.30am to 12pm: Sharon Raj (LSE), "The Interrelationship Between Employment Status, Time Structure, Time Perceptions & Wellbeing". 

12pm to 1230pm: David Staunton (EY) "Workplace wellbeing - a study of professional services in a hybrid working environment".

1230pm to 1pm: Michael Daly (NUIM), "Meaning in Everyday Life: A Population-Level Analysis of Activities, Temporal Patterns, and Demographic Trends". 

115pm to 2pm: Working Lunch on Issues and Advances in Subjective Well-being and Policy 

2pm to 230pm: Cheng Ma (UCD) "Studying the experience of travel on the Dingle Peninsula using Day Reconstruction Methods". 

230pm to 3pm: Fiachra Kennedy (PER)  “Unravelling the Puzzle of Time: Well-being and Public Policy”.

3pm to 330pm Caoimhe Dempsey and Selina McCoy (ESRI). "The Department of Education Wellbeing Policy Statement: Objectives and Experiences".

330pm to 4pm: Chris Krekel (LSE), "Back to Edgeworth? Estimating the Value of Time Using Hedonic Experiences". 

Some resources and links: 

Arulsamy and Delaney "The impact of automatic enrolment on the mental health gap in pension participation: Evidence from the UK". Journal of Health Economics.

CSO Well-being Data Hub for Ireland.  

Daly and Macchia "Global Trends in Emotional Distress". PNAS. 

EPA Environment and Well-Being Conference 2024 

Farrell and Mahon "Well-being in the Irish secondary school: Reflections on a curricular approach".

LSE Department of Psychological and Behavioural Science Well-Being Research Page 

Martin, Delaney, and Doyle "Everyday Administrative Burdens and Inequality". Public Administration Review.

Irish Government Publication on a Well-Being Framework for Ireland.

Frijters and Krekel: A Handbook for Well-Being Policy Making

Krekel and McKerron: "Back to Edgeworth? Estimating the Value of Time Using Hedonic Experiences". IZA Working Paper. 

OECD Well-Being page 

Leo Lades presentation on pro-environmental behaviour and mood in everyday life 

Kyle Moore and David Maher "Adopting a Well-being Approach to Assessing Climate Action in The Transport Sector". Strategic Research and Analysis Division Department of Transport 

Irish Government Economic and Evaluation Service Well-Being publications 

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