Saturday, September 30, 2017

Economics, Psychology, and Policy Links 30/09/17

Our new research group launched on September 8th at an event with Professor Peter John. Our new Msc in Behavioural Economics has also started in UCD. We host a weekly meeting to bring our students and researchers together with other researchers, policymakers, and industry from outside the university and we welcome expressions of interest to attend.

1. The US Internal Revenue Service have produced a guide to using behavioural insights

2. My reading list for students in UCD this term is available here

3. Childhood self-control predicts adult pension participation. Our new paper that came out recently in Economics Letters.

4. Andrew Gelman on whether we should abandon statistical significance

5. The festival of economics and comedy that grew out of Ireland's financial crisis, Kilkenomics, takes place again this year from November 9th to November 12th. I am giving a talk on Father Ted and Economics. This is a one-off and probably not a good idea on my behalf but the overall festival is a really nice event and Kilkenny one of the best places in Ireland to visit.

6. My colleague Orla Doyle and colleagues have released a working paper on terrorism and well-being.

7. Irish Department of Finance & Govt Evaluation Service paper on implications of behavioural economics for tax policy

8. Second issue of the Journal of Behavioural Economics for Policy now available online.

9.  Richard Layard on economics & mental health

10. Details of events and mailing list for the Irish Behavioural Science and Policy Network.

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