Thursday, February 02, 2017

Behavioural Science and Policy Links

See below for a collection of useful links on behavioural economics, behavioural science, and public policy. They provide useful background reading for the various sessions we do on this area in Dublin and more generally. 

This page provides links to popular overviews of behavioural economics

The FCA Occasional papers that we have spoken about here a lot are available below. The first one introducing behavioural economics has lots of relevant information.

A very lengthy set of links that I have been maintaining on public policy is available below

The behavioural change wheel by Susan Michie is a terrific resource for a wideranging account of behavioural change.

A report written by IGEES on potential for behavioural economics in Ireland is below
Some further links below, grouped by topics that we have discussed here:


The best book for policy is behavioural foundations of public policy.

Obviously, Sunstein and Thaler's Nudge contains a lot of interesting material and cuts across almost all the examples that people brought up last week. See our "database" for 100 nudge studies that cut across many areas Daniel Kahneman's "Thinking Fast and Slow" is a bestseller available in all book shops and well worth reading as background. 

The MINDSPACE paper is available on the link below and outlines the approach developed by the Institute for Government and the Behavioural Insights Team. Again, this paper cuts across all the examples we spoke about in the sessions.


For people interested in environmental and energy applications, this paper is very useful

The Sunstein/Reisch paper is one of the best and most detailed summaries.
Charitable Donations and Voluntary Behaviour

The BIT document "applying behavioural insights to charitable giving" is very useful


For those interested in public health applications, it is worth looking at this new book

The BIT also have a nice summary of applications to public health - see below

Another nice paper below

Finance and Financial Regulation

Anyone thinking about financial products and financial regulation should read the excellent paper below

Behavioural Economics and Development

The JPAL lab is the best in the world on this area

The 2014 World Bank report gives a comprehensive overview of this material

Behavioural Economics and Pharma Compliance

See the work of Professor Kevin Volpp and colleagues below. Also the papers under the public health tab above will be very useful.

Employee Incentives 

See below for a very useful paper on the psychology and economics of employee incentives.

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