Sunday, June 26, 2016

Heckman Masterclass: The economics and econometrics of human development and social mobility

I attended the Masterclass given by Professor James Heckman at CEMMAP in London on Thursday. It was a masterclass in the truest sense of the word, delivered with passion and energy by a man who has very credible claim to a second Economics Nobel prize. The slides and supplementary reading are available at this link and below.

The economics and econometrics of human development and social mobility masterclass is presented by Professor James Heckman.


Lecture I. Overview of the evidence and introduction to basic models of skill measurement and skill formation (Download slides)

Lecture II. Skills: definitions and measurement issues; identification of skills from measurements. Should we trust psychologists to do their job or should we do it for them and do it better? (Download slides)

Lecture III. Technologies of skill formation and models of skill development; identification of technologies of skill formation (Download slides)

Lecture IV. Evidence on interventions: treatment effects and mechanisms underlying treatment effects (Download slides)

Download full slide pack here.

Papers to read:

* Fostering and Measuring Skills: Improving Cognitive and Non-cognitive Skills to Promote Lifetime Success (OECD Education Working Papers No. 110) by Tim Kautz, James J. Heckman, Ron Diris, Bas t. Weel, Lex Borghans.

* The Economics of Human Development and Social Mobility by James J. Heckman and Stefano Mosso.

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