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American Economic Association

Programme of the AEA annual meeting is linked here. Many sessions directly on topics of interest to readers here. A snapshot of these is cut-and-pasted below.

Jan 03, 2013 6:30 pm, Marriott, San Diego Ballroom B 
Association for Social Economics
Plenary Session and Reception: The Neuroeconomics of Trust (D87)
PresidingJONATHAN WIGHT (University of Richmond)
The Moral Molecule
PAUL J. ZAK (Claremont Graduate University)

Behavioral Approaches to Adoption of Green Technologies (Q4)
PresidingGARY CHARNESS (University of California-Santa Barbara)
A Generalized Impure Public Good and Linear Characteristics Model of Green Consumption
MATTHEW KOTCHEN (Yale University and NBER)
NATHAN W. CHAN (Yale University)
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The Short-Run and Long-Run Effects of Behavioral Interventions: Experimental Evidence from Energy Conservation
HUNT ALLCOTT (New York University and NBER)
TODD ROGERS (Harvard University)
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Goal Setting and Energy Efficiency
MATTHEW HARDING (Stanford University)
ALICE HSIAW (College of the Holy Cross)
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Public Goods Provision in the Presence of Heterogeneous Green Preferences
MARK JACOBSEN (University of California-San Diego and NBER)
JACOB LARIVIERE (University of Tennessee)
MICHAEL PRICE (Georgia State University and NBER)
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ANDREAS LANGE (University of Hamburg)
JAMES ANDREONI (University of California-San Diego and NBER)
LUCAS DAVIS (University of California-Berkeley and NBER)
CHARLES SPRENGER (Stanford University)

College Access, College Choice, and College Success (I2)
PresidingTREY MILLER (RAND Corporation)
Percent Plans, Automatic Admissions, and College Attainment
ISAAC MCFARLIN (University of Michigan)
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The Consumption Value of Education: Implications for the Postsecondary Market
KEVIN STANGE (University of Michigan)
BRIAN MCCALL (University of Michigan)
BRIAN JACOB (University of Michigan)
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JUDITH SCOTT-CLAYTON (Columbia University)
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Integrity versus Access? The Effect of Financial Aid Availability on Postsecondary Enrollment
RAJEEV DAROLIA (University of Missouri)
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RODNEY ANDREWS (University of Texas-Dallas)
SUSAN DYNARSKI (University of Michigan)
GORDON B. DAHL (University of California-San Diego)

Advances in Behavioral Economics (D0)
PresidingNICHOLAS BARBERIS (Yale University)
Applications of Probability Weighting in Finance and Economics
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Integrating Psychology into Normal-Science Economics
MATTHEW RABIN (University of California-Berkeley)
Salience and Asset Prices
PEDRO BORDALO (University of London)
NICOLA GENNAIOLI (Universitat Pompeu Fabra)
ANDREI SHLEIFER (Harvard University)
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COLIN CAMERER (California Institute of Technology)
DAVID I. LAIBSON (Harvard University)

Saving for the Common Man: Target-Date Funds, Defaults and the Design of 401(k) Plans (G2)
PresidingBRIGITTE MADRIAN (Harvard University)
It Pays to Set the Menu: Mutual Fund Investment Options in 401(K) Plans
IRINA STEFANESCU (Indiana University-Bloomington)
VERONIKA KREPELY POOL (Indiana University-Bloomington)
CLEMENS SIALM (University of Texas-Austin)
Choice Architecture and the Locus of Fiduciary Obligation in Defined Contribution Plans
DANA M. MUIR (University of Michigan)
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Target-Date Funds: Survey and Administrative Evidence
JULIE AGNEW (College of William and Mary)
LISA SZYKMAN (College of William and Mary)
STEPHEN UTKUS (Vanguard Center for Retirement Research)
JEAN YOUNG (Vanguard Center for Retirement Research)
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Do 401(k) Advisors Take Their Own Advice?
TOMAS DVORAK (Union College)
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JOHN TURNER (Pension Policy Center)
JAMES J. CHOI (Yale University)
JONATHAN REUTER (Boston College)

Measuring Risk and Time Preferences (D8)
PresidingSHACHAR KARIV (University of California-Berkeley)
Parametric Recoverability of Utility
YORAM HALEVY (University of British Columbia)
DOTAN PERSITZ (Tel Aviv University)
LANNY ZRILL (University of British Columbia)
Measuring Time Preferences with Simple Tasks
JAMES ANDREONI (University of California-San Diego)
MICHAEL KUHN (University of California-San Diego)
CHARLES SPRENGER (Stanford University)
Substantive and Procedural Rationality in Decisions under Uncertainty
SYNGJOO CHOI (University College London)
DOUGLAS GALE (New York University)
SHACHAR KARIV (University of California-Berkeley)
Recent Developments in Measuring Risk and Time Preferences
GLENN HARRISON (Georgia State University)
SHACHAR KARIV (University of California-Berkeley)
GLENN HARRISON (Georgia State University)
JAMES ANDREONI (University of California San Diego)
YORAM HALEVY (University of British Columbia)

Online Field Experiments (C9)
PresidingYAN CHEN (University of Michigan)
Crowdsourcing with All-Pay Auctions: A Field Experiment on Taskcn
TRACY XIAO LIU (Tsinghua University)
JIANG YANG (University of Michigan)
LADA ADAMIC (University of Michigan)
YAN CHEN (University of Michigan)
Social Coupons - Mechanism Design with Social Media
TANYA ROSENBLATT (Iowa State University)
MARCUS MOBIUS (Iowa State University)
Northern Exposure: A Field Experiment Measuring Externalities between Search Advertisements
DAVID H. REILEY (Google, Inc.)
SAI-MING LI (Microsoft, Inc.)
RANDALL LEWIS (Google, Inc.)
The Impact of Strength of Tie and Social Embeddedness on Influence in Social Networks: Evidence from a Randomized Experiment
DYLAN WALKER (New York University)
SINAN ARAL (New York University)

International Network for Economic Method
A Tale of Two Methods - Confronting Empirical Economics (B4)
PresidingJULIAN REISS (Erasmus University Rotterdam)
Econometrics versus the Randomized Field Trial
NANCY CARTWRIGHT (London School of Economics and University of California-San Diego)
Designing Experiments for Better External Validity
KARTHIK MURALIDHARAN (University of California-San Diego)
The Virtues of Design-Based Econometrics
JULIAN REISS (Erasmus University Rotterdam)
In Defense of Structural Modeling for Empirical Estimation
DON ROSS (University of Cape Town)
JOSHUA ANGRIST (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Genes and Economic Behavior (D8)
PresidingDAVID LAIBSON (Harvard University)
The Genetic Architecture of Economic and Political Preferences
DAVID CESARINI (New York University)
CHRIS DAWES (New York University)
MAGNUS JOHANNESSON (Stockholm School of Economics)
DAVID I. LAIBSON (Harvard University)
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Meta-Analysis of Genome-Wide Association Studies of Educational Attainment
DANIEL J. BENJAMIN (Cornell University and NBER)
DAVID CESARINI (New York University)
PHILIPP KOELLINGER (Erasmus University Rotterdam)
MATHIJS VAN DER LOOS (Erasmus University Rotterdam)
NIELS RIETVELD (Erasmus University Rotterdam)
Genetic Modulation of the Effects of Tobacco Taxation on Use
JASON FLETCHER (Yale University)
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Meta-Analysis of Genome-Wide Association Studies of Well-Being
JAN-EMMANUEL DE NEVE (University College London & Centre for Economic Performance (LSE))
MEIKE BARTELS (VU University Amsterdam)
BOB KRUEGER (University of Minnesota)
NIELS RIETVELD (Erasmus University Rotterdam)
PHILIPP KOELLINGER (Erasmus University Rotterdam)
DAVID I. LAIBSON (Harvard University)
ALDO RUSTICHINI (University of Minnesota)
ANDREW CAPLIN (New York University)
JOHN CAWLEY (Cornell University)

Work and Search in Recessions: Theory, History and Measurement (J2)
PresidingVALERIE RAMEY (University of California-San Diego)
Cyclical Variation in Labor Hours and Productivity Using the ATUS
MICHAEL C. BURDA (Humboldt University Berlin)
DANIEL S. HAMERMESH (University of Texas-Austin)
JAY STEWART (Bureau of Labor Statistics)
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Hours and Work Sharing during the Great Depression: Comparisons and Contracts with Other Downturns in the 20th Century
PRICE FISHBACK (University of Arizona)
TODD NEUMANN (University of California-Merced)
JASON TAYLOR (Central Michigan University)
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Job Search Theory and Unemployed Job Search over the Lifecycle
MARK AGUIAR (Princeton University)
ERIK HURST (University of Chicago)
LOUKAS KARABARBOUNIS (University of Chicago)
VALERIE A. RAMEY (University of California-San Diego)
BRADFORD DE LONG (University of California-Berkeley)
DALE MORTENSEN (Northwestern University)

Departures from Rationality (G1)
PresidingSIMON GERVAIS (Duke University)
A Sparsity-Based Model of Bounded Rationality
XAVIER GABAIX (New York University)
Anxiety and Overconfidence in the Face of Risk
THOMAS EISENBACH (Federal Reserve Bank of New York)
MARTIN SCHMALZ (Princeton University)
IQ and Mutual Fund Choice
MARK GRINBLATT (University of California-Los Angeles)
SEPPO IKAHEIMO (Aalto University)
MATTI KELOHARJU (Aalto University)
SAMUEL KNUPFER (London Business School)
FRANCESCO SANGIORGI (Stockholm School of Economics)
LAUREN COHEN (Harvard Business School )

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