Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Job Opportunities: Economists in the Scottish Government

Job Opportunities: Economists in the Scottish Government
The Scottish Government Economist Group consists of over 70 economists working throughout the Government. Economists cover the full range of devolved responsibilities including the Scottish Economy, Health, Education, Justice, Transport, Communities and Rural Affairs and work in analytical teams generally comprising of three professional groups (economists, statisticians and social researchers).
The Scottish Government recruit for permanent economist positions through the UK Government Economic Service (GES) & Faststream process. This is the principal point of entry into the Scottish Government Economist Group and involves joining the UK-wide GES. Details on life as a government economist and the GES/Faststream application process can be found at the following link - The next Fast Stream recruitment round is likely to be in the Autumn.
In addition, a number of short-term opportunities (typically 3-11 month fixed term contracts) can arise from time to time. The Scottish Government manage these opportunities locally. These posts tend to be of interest to recent graduates wishing to gain experience as a real-world economist and who may wish to consider a permanent career in government. A high proportion of those who join us in these posts apply to the GES/Faststream during their time with us, while others move on to careers in the private sector. The work undertaken will be identical to that of other assistant economists across government.   Further detail on what we do in Scotland can be found at the following link -
Given that our demand for these 3-11 month fixed term posts tends to vary over the year, we keep a stock of CV’s on hand and contact people as and when opportunities arise. A small number of these posts will arise over the next few months. I’m conscious that a number of your students will soon be graduating and may be looking for opportunities. I’d be grateful if you could make any of your forthcoming graduates (or previous graduates) aware. If they’re interested, can you ask that they email Sandra Smith a copy of their CV. We’ll notify them if/when any opportunities arise.

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