Sunday, January 13, 2013

Weekend Links

1. Enhanced active choice: A new method to motivate behavior change (via @dilipsoman).

2. Bryant Chen and Judea Pearl "Regression and Causation: A Critical Examination of Econometrics Textbooks". Thanks to a colleague for a link to this really interesting paper.

3.  Keith A. Bender, Colin P. Green, John S. Heywood "Piece rates and workplace injury: Does survey evidence support Adam Smith?". Professor Bender presented these and other findings as a keynote talk at the SGPE PhD conference on Thursday.

4. UCL London economics walk is something we should replicate in Ireland or Scotland (via @ianppreston @barratree).

5. European unemployment statistics released by Eurostat earlier in the week paint an incredibly grim picture of failed economic policy. Kevin O'Rourke's short summary.

6. Summer student internships at IFS. These are terrific if you are an undergraduate getting top grades and interested in microeconomics/policy.

7. Irish economic policy conference taking place on February 1st as a follow to last year's event in Croke Park.

8. Interview on behavioural economics with George Loewenstein 

9. Upcoming STATA courses in the UK, US and Middle-East

10.  "The Relationship Between Economic Preferences and Psychological Personality Measures" Annual Review of Economics.

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