Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Blog Update

Just a few quick things:

1. Be good to hear from others with ideas for posts on the blog. I would certainly also encourage everyone currently with posting rights to continue to do so.

2. Looking forward to post-launch when the blog will evolve as the research team evolves. Any new or upcoming staff or students feel free to send suggestions.

3. Also, looking at various suggestions for a non-public forum. Probably just a simple mailing list.

4. We have been starting the process of putting pictures from events up. The obvious next step is to put up selected podcasts.

5. There is a lot of material on this blog and I am not exactly a design-genius. Ideas for more effectively presenting the more useful contributions here would be gratefully received.

6. This has never really been a very active forum for comments and I am not sure that matters so much. It certainly generates a lot of emails from people who are very interested in the material. It has also led to many useful interactions and discussions, including students who have learned about the center through the blog. Having said that, suggestions for making it more engaging are welcome!

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