Thursday, June 07, 2012

Suggestions for Blog

As can be seen, making some alterations to the blog and nesting it within the newly developing research group. Would very much welcome suggestions for things people want to see the blog used for. As usual, feel free to email me or put things in the comments. Time constraints have precluded longer posts and I really hope to do more of this over the summer. The introduction of online google hangout sessions has been a brilliant addition and it's certainly something we will be continuing. The blog has also played a very useful role in the development of the workshop programme. I have got a number of positive emails about using the blog to keep an up-to-date list of funding opportunities. The number of posts is slightly less than in previous incarnations, in part owing to the fact that many of contributors have moved to different locations and also that twitter is now the main way of distributing one-shot paper links. The blog will also be used in the development of a postgraduate and possibly undergraduate programme in Economics and Psychology here.

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