Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Scottish Graduate School of Social Science Summer School

Summer School June 2012

The Scottish Graduate School of Social Science (SGS) is delighted to unveil the programme for its first annual Summer School, to be held at the University of Edinburgh in June 2012. The Summer School will offer a wide range of exciting events which run either for a full or half day, and each evening affords the opportunity to attend a unique plenary event, bringing together speakers from Scotland with international speakers across the social sciences. 

Summary Programme 

13-15 JuneAQMEN Training: Multilevel Modelling
Monday 18 JuneAdvanced Workshop in Finance & Market-based Accounting Research

Politics & International Relations Workshop

Public Policy Challenge Workshop: Making an Impact with Social Science

NVivo Software Demonstration [afternoon event]

Plenary: David Bell "The Peculiar Economics of Scottish Independence" & Patrick Jackson "Three Boundaries to Loosen in the Global Study of World Politics"
Tuesday 19 JuneBusiness & Management with Prof Derek Pugh

Human Geography: Contemporary Research Themes

Information Science Doctoral Colloquium (iDocQ)

Language-based Area Studies: Area Studies & Translating Cultures

Social Anthropology: Creative Practices & Social Scientific Research

NVivo Software Lab-based Training

Plenary: Tim Ingold "Knowing from the Inside" & TBC
19-20 JuneSecondary Data Analysis Lab-based Training
Wednesday 20 JuneCriminology & Socio-Legal Studies Research Students Workshop

Quantitative Methods in Psychology & Economics

Exploring Knowledge Exchange

Information Science: Discourse Analysis [morning event]

Planning Your Academic Career: What makes a successful academic? [morning event]
 Social Work: The Impact of Research [afternoon event] 
 NVivo Software Demonstration [afternoon event]
 Plenary: Liam Delaney "Stress & Financial Decision Making" & Mike Burton "What are we so bad at face recognition?"
21-22 JuneAQMEN Training: Regression Modelling for Categorical Data

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