Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Regulating Bodies & Influencing Health: Nudges, Incentives and Public Policy

Speaking at this very interesting session organised by the Centre for Social Ethics and Policy at the University of Manchester. Details on this link or below.

26th June 2012

Government and policy-makers on both sides of the Atlantic have begun to draw on behavioural research when constructing health-affecting public policy and legislation. The relevant studies suggest that individuals are susceptible to a range of influences upon the decisions they make; for example, choices are shaped by the presentation of certain options as defaults or how available options are framed. Is it appropriate to use this knowledge to ‘nudge’ the public towards making better health-affecting decisions? Are such interventions ethically justifiable? Do they wrongly interfere with individual autonomous choice? Can they be justified by appeal to the idea of so-called ‘libertarian paternalism’, through promoting individuals’ interests whilst also preserving their liberty? Can, and if so ought, the state remain neutral in relation to such policy choices? This symposium will bring together philosophers, lawyers, economists, and social scientists and will focus on the use of nudges (and other ways of influencing) as policy measures for influencing the public’s health.

Speakers include
Mark D. White, Professor and Chair in Political Science, Economics and Philosophy, City University of New York
Kyle Powys Whyte, Assistant Professor in Philosophy, Michigan State University
Liam Delaney, SIRE Professor of Economics, Scottish Institute for Research in Economics, University of Stirling
Muireann Quigley, Lecturer in Bioethics, Centre for Social Ethics & Policy, University of Manchester
Tom Walker, Lecturer in Ethics, Centre for Professional Ethics, Keele University
Jane Wilson, Independent researcher, Sydney
Yashar Saghai, Doctoral Candidate in Philosophy, Georgetown University
John Coggon, Research Fellow, Institute for Science, Ethics, & Innovation, University of Manchester
James Wilson, Lecturer in Philosophy and Health, Centre for Philosophy, Justice, & Health, University College London
Marianne Promberger, Research Fellow in Psychology, Centre for the Study of Incentives in Health, King’s College London
Henriette Prast, Chair & Prof of Personal Financial Planning, Tilburg University

Attendance is free. Lunch and refreshments will be provided. However, places are limited due to the venue size. You must register for this event in advance by emailing: with your name and affiliation.

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