Sunday, April 22, 2012

SIRE Workshop on Value, Well-Being and Decisions: Thanks

Thanks to participant's at Friday's session on Value, Well-Being and Decisions held at Stirling. This was the first workshop of the new research group (twitter stream here). Thanks to colleagues from both the economics and psychology divisions at Stirling for attending, as well as audience participants and speakers from UCD, Malta, Aberdeen and Edinburgh universities. A number of themes emerged during the course of the day including (i) the importance of developing further the measurement of time and risk preferences (ii) conceptual issues in the measurement of well-being and use in policy (iii) the interplay between preferences and education throughout life (iv) the potential for cross-overs with animal psychology in understanding human well-being and stress measurement (v) the role perceptions of political parties and government motives may play in determining acceptance of policies based on behavioural economics. The next workshop for this new center will be in September and further details will be posted here soon. Suggestions very welcome.

On April 20th, Stirling will host a SIRE Workshop on Value, Well-Being and Decisions. The purpose of this workshop is to bring together researchers at different career stages to discuss work in this growing cross-disciplinary area. There will be a strong emphasis on discussing potential future collaborative research in this area, and also a particular emphasis on the interplay between well-being research and research on the behavioural economics of time discounting. Scottish-based PhD students in SIRE institutions are eligible to receive their travel expenses. The venue is the management center in Stirling University. Registration can be made by emailing Clare Delargy ( ). Places are somewhat limited due to space and will be allocated on a first-come basis. A new research group in Stirling will be launched in this area beginning in September 2012 and some details of this will also be provided on the day (see provisional website )

9am - 9.30am: Coffee and Introductions

9.30 - 10.15: Liam Delaney (Stirling) "Stress and Financial Decision-Making"

10.30 - 11.15: Marjon Van Pol (Aberdeen): "Socioeconomic Status, Time Preferences and Health"

11.15 - 12.00: Marie Briguglio (Stirling and Malta): "Determinants of Recycling Behaviour".
Lunch and break-out session

2pm - 2.45: Matt Dickson (UCD): "Education, Preferences and Well-Being"

3pm - 3.45: Mirko Moro (Stirling): "Environment and Well-Being".

3.45: Panel Discussion on Future Directions in Well-Being and Decision Research

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