Friday, November 04, 2011

Irish Debate Session on Unemployment Video

My unemployment talk from today is below. I will use this post to put up some links over the weekend.


(i) One issue I need to clarify is whether jobbridge applicants are counted on the live register. I had assumed that they were, but one of the discussants suggested that they were not counted and pointed to an Irish Times article. The live register notes are here. I will clarify it here as soon as I can find the information. Thanks to the commentor.

(ii) Thanks to commentor @alanrouge on twitter for asking about underemployment. Will add a post on this as soon as I get a chance.

(iii) One of the commentors, Daniel Davis, mentioned the Georgia Works programme in the US. A PBS podcast on this is here. It is an interesting model.

(iv) There is a thread on the Irish Economy blog linked here


lorcan said...

Thanks, lots of interesting ideas there - it's clear that there are lots of different types of internships and jobbridge is only one. The challenge is to design them well, as always with policy!

Anonymous said...

Interesting talk Liam; had it on my earphones this afternoon. Will send on some feedback later in the week.

For now, I will draw your attention to a strange phenomenon: a reality TV show in America that follows the unemployed.

New reality TV show follows unemployed Americans