Friday, November 11, 2011

Programme for November 25th

If you intend going to this and haven't RSVP'd yet, please drop an email,.

November 25th Economics and Psychology Event Geary Institute


9.15: Organ Donation and Individual Consent- The role of Family Consent in Donation Systems.
Clare Delargy- UCD Geary Institute

9.45: Credit Cards: Friend or Foe.
Yvonne McCarthy - Central Bank of Ireland.

10.15: Understanding Taxpayer Behaviour – New Opportunities for Tax Administration.
Keith Walsh- Revenue Commissioners

10.45: BREAK

11.00: Deity and Development: A Study of the Impact of Religious Culture upon Social and Economic Development.
Ryan McKee- Queen’s University Belfast

11.30: The Role of Economic Psychology in Students' Term-Time Employment and Academic Achievement.
Martin Ryan- UCD Geary Institute

12.00: LUNCH

13.00: Corruption and Well-Being
Rob Gillanders - University College Dublin

13.30: Subcultures in Household Financial Decision-Making: An Exploratory Study of Risky Asset Ownership in the Netherlands.
Michael Dowling- DCU


14.15: Political Determinants of Participation in a Recycling Programme
Marie Brugligio- University of Malta

14.45: Behavioural Economics and Policymaking: Learning from the Early Adopters.
Pete Lunn, ESRI

15.15: BREAK

15.30: Behavioural Economics and the Irish Pension System
Liam Delaney- Stirling University and Geary Institute

16.00: Is the health impact of socioeconomic status explained by objective financial resources or subjective social status?
Michael Daly - Manchester and Aberdeen.

16.30: Panel Discussion


Rob Gillanders said...

Ithought you said I could play?

Liam Delaney said...

Ah yes - have contacted offline. Would be great to get your mental health paper on the programme.