Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Conversation: Australian Research Discussion Site

The following link (via Colm) is an interesting new Australian site devoted to discussions of research emanating from the university world in Aus. Their basic statement of purpose is below. Interesting idea. My experience of being one of the less frequent contributors to is that there is definitely a demand in Ireland to debate research coming out of the universities. A blog post I put up about one of Kevin's papers on higher education generated nearly 150 comments and, while the most popular post deal with developments in the macroeconomy, people do debate research papers when they are put up. The format of the website below is an interesting model.

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Peter Carney said...

It would be great to see other academic disciplines engaging like many academic economists do on

A good central portal like the Oz one would be an amazing resource, and besides some initial coordination costs, it could probably run itself.

Liam Delaney said...

The geography people in Maynooth run one called irelandafternama, which is very good. there are also blogs like ferdinand's blog and people like Stephen Kinsella etc., also are active. The ninth level ireland blog acts as an aggregator for material relevant to higher ed, but there is nothing like the Aus site in Ireland. It could be a good contribution alright.