Saturday, August 15, 2009

Geary Seminars

The current line-up for our seminar series is below. This is a provisional list. I would encourage everyone to engage fully with this series and we hope to continue the strong culture that our seminar programme has fostered over the last number of years. As you can see, there will also be a number of full and half-day events devoted to specific topics. Please sign up to the Geary Institute mailing list if you want to receive updates:

September 29th 2009. Eric Igou (University of Limerick) "Self versus other: On differences in predicting negative affective states".

October 2nd 2009. "Seventh Annual Irish Society of New Economists Conference" Co-organised by Geary Institute.

October 6th 2009. Wako Yushida (UCL). "Game Theory and Theory of Mind"

October 15th 2009. James P Smith (RAND Corporation). "Ulysses Medal Honorary Presentation".

October 13th 2009. Seamus McGuinness (ESRI). "Education Economics".

October 20th 2009. Roman Raab (NUIG). "State Pensions and Retirement Behaviour in Ireland".

October 27th 2009. Michael Daly (Trinity College Dublin). "Heridity Links Natural Hazards and Human Health: Apolipoprotein E Gene Moderates Self-rated Health in Earthquake Survivors.

November 2nd 2009: Third DEW Irish Economic Recovery Conference co-organised by Geary Institute.

November 3rd 2009: Arnaud Chevalier (Royal Holloway). "Quality Effect in Higher Education"

November 6th 2009: Second Economics, Psychology and Neuroscience Conference co-organised by Geary Institute.

November 10th 2009: Andrew Chesher (UCL and IFS, Director of CEMMAP). "Microeconometrics - TBA"

November 14th 2009: Geary Education Inequalities Symposium organised by Geary Institute.

November 17th 2009. Isabelle Ouellet-Morin (King's College, University of London) "Cortisol and Behaviour - TBA"

November 24th 2009. Richard Tol (ESRI) "Climate Change".

December 1st 2009: Thomas Crossley (IFS and Cambridge). "Microeconometrics - TBA"

December 8th 2009. Massimiliano Bratti (University of Milan) "Education and health-related behaviour:Evidence from the UK" (joint with Alfonso Miranda).

December 14th 2009. Second Geary Institute Health Symposium.

January 26th 2010. Richard Layte (ESRI). "Health Selection and Education Outcomes: Evidence from the Irish Longitudinal Study of Children".

February 2nd 2010. John O'Doherty (TCD). "Neuroeconomics - TBA"

February 16th 2010. Stephen Lea (University of Exeter). "Economic Psychology - TBA".

February 23rd 2010. Uwe Sunde (University of St. Gallen). "On the stability of risk and time preferences"

March 2nd 2010. Michel Boivin (Universite Laval). "School Readiness - TBA"

March 9th 2010. Orla Doyle (UCD Geary Institute) "Skills, capabilities and Inequality: Assessing School Readiness in Disadvantaged Communities"

April 20th 2010. Gaia Narcisso (Trinity College Dublin). "Microeconometrics TBA"

April 27th 2010. Gilberto Turati (Universita Cattolica del sacro Cuore, Milano) "Educational Economics - TBA"

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