Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Suggestions for Side-Bars

As you can see, we have been building back up the blog to partly act as a "resources" hub for people who work around this area. It includes things like links to funding bodies, seminar series, upcoming Institute events and we have been adding things like "resources for teaching economics" and so on. I am working on developing a forum for longer posts, as suggested by Kevin. Also, I have been emailing people with the idea of having a podcast series based on interviews and short presentations of ongoing research. Sections on "Resources for Economics PhD Students". "Resources for Psychology Students" and "Resources for Economics Students" will also appear pretty soon to reflect some of our main readers. If you read the blog and you have other suggestions for what would be useful please let me know.

Don't worry, we will also be working a bit more on the colour scheme.

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Kevin Denny said...

The links to Journals & WP's takes up a lot of space. I wonder could they be put in a separate page with a link ? To see the papers will typically require library access anyway.