Friday, July 24, 2009

Socioeconomic Status and Higher Level Education in Ireland

A paper by Delma Byrne at the ESRI linked here

In this paper I investigate the extent to which the Irish higher education system promotes inclusion or diversion in relation to social selectivity. In doing so, stratification processes are examined for two educational outcomes: inequality in the type of higher education institution attended (institutional differentiation) and the level of qualification pursued at higher education (qualification differentiation). The paper considers the individual and school level influences on these two educational outcomes and concludes that the Irish system is inclusive, but class disparities remain in terms of both institutional differentiation and qualification differentiation. Class disparities are largely mediated through educational attainment at the individual level and diversion is particularly evident in relation to the non-manual and skilled manual groups. Furthermore, school effects have a particular influence on those who do not obtain their preference of higher education course.

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