Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Journal Club List so Far

Thanks to Eimear for sending this on. As announced in his email, Alan will be taking over running the journal club so suggestions to him.

19th Feb :Early-Life Conditions and Later-Life Outcomes:

Currie & Hyson (1999): ‘Is the impact of health shocks cushioned by socioeconomic status? The case of low birthweight.’

26th Feb Libertarian Paternalism:

Thaler & Sunstein (2003): ‘Libertarian paternalism is not an oxymoron’
Klein (2004): ‘Oh yes it is’
Loewenstein & Haisley: ‘Oh no it is isn't... in theory, but would it work in practice?’

5th March Early-Life Interventions:

Heckman (2007): ‘The productivity argument for investing in young children' (

13th March Biomarkers:

Steptoe et al. (2004): ‘Effort–reward imbalance, overcommitment, and measures of cortisol and blood pressure over the working day.’
Jacobs et al., (2007): ‘A momentary assessment study of the relationship between affective and adrenocortical stress responses in daily life.’
Steptoe et al., (2005): ‘Tools of psychosocial biology in health care research’.

19th March Measuring Well-Being:

Kapteyn, Smith & Van Soest (2008): ‘Comparing life satisfaction’.

26th March Sociology, Identity and Economics:

Akerlof and Kranton: "An Economic Analysis of Identity and Career Choice"
Akerlof and Kranton (2002): "Identity and Schooling: Some Lessons for the Economics of Education"

2nd April Do smoking bans work?:

Shetty et al (2009): “Changes in U. S. Hospitalization and Mortality Rates Following Smoking Bans”.

9th April Happiness and causality:

Oreopoulos (2007): “Do dropouts drop out too soon? Wealth, health and happiness from compulsory schooling.”

16th April DRM:

Kahneman et al. (2004), ‘A survey method for characterizing daily life experience: the Day Reconstruction Method’.
Kahneman and Riis, ‘Living, and thinking about it: two perspectives on life’

23rd April Religion and Culture:

Guiso et al. (2003): “People’s opium? Religion and economic attitudes”.
Giuliano (2007): “Living arrangements in western Europe: Does cultural origin matter?”

30th April Gender differences and the labour market:

Olivetti and Petrongolo (2008): "Unequal Pay or Unequal Employment? A Cross-Country Analysis of Gender Pay Gaps"
Gneezy et al. (2003):“Performance in competitive environments: Gender differences”

7th May Health Gradients:

Smith et al. (2006): “The SES health gradient on both sides of the Atlantic”

14th May Decision making and risk:

Tversky and Kahneman (1974): “Judgment under uncertainty: Heuristics and biases”.

21st May Discrimination in Ireland:

McGinnity et al. (ERSI) (2009): “Discrimination in recruitment: Evidence from a field experiment”

28th May Angrist week:

Angrist (2004): “American education research changes tack”.

4th June Momentary assessment and the chronically ill:

Riis et al. (2005): “Ignorance of hedonic adaptation to hemodialysis: A study using Ecological Momentary Assessment”
Garling et al. (2009): “Impact of routine out-of-home activities on subjective well-being”

10th June Public Health:

Carlisle and Hanlon (2008): “‘Well-being’ as a focus for public health? A critique and defense”.

26th June R and D spending:
Goolsbee (1998): “Does Government R and D policy mainly benefit scientists and engineers?”
Lane (2009): “Assessing the impact of science funding”

2nd July Early-life shocks:

van den Berg, Lindeboom & Portrait (2009): “Long-run effects on longevity of a nutritional shock early in life: The Dutch potato famine of 1846-1847”

10th July Unemployment, recession and suicide:

Hintikka et al. (2009): “Suicide mortality in Finland during an economic cycle, 1985 -1995”

Kposowa (2001): “Unemployment and suicide: a cohort analysis of social factors predicting suicide in the US National Longitudinal Mortality Study”

17th July Privatisation and mortality rates:

Stuckler, King and McKee (2009) "Mass privatisation and the post-communist mortality crisis: a cross-national analysis"

24th July Weather, emotions and the stock market:

Hirshleifer and Shumway (2003) “Good Day Sunshine: Stock Returns and the Weather”.

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