This page is a working snapshot of the opportunities to research or study with the research groups at UCD or Stirling as of April 2017.


1. See this link for some details of our new behavioural science and policy group at UCD

2. See this link for information on part-time and/or employer sponsored options for our new MSc in Behavioural Economics

3. We are currently advertising a 2-year postdoctoral position with a closing date of May 31st 2017

4. There are a number of PhD scholarships available at the UCD School of Economics, including in this research area.

5. Details of the MSc in Behavioural Economics are available here. 


1. Details of our MSc in Behavioural Science are available here. There are several full-fees scholarships available across a range of schemes.

2. Students who wish to conduct a PhD at the centre should look closely at PhD scholarship opportunities available through the ESRC. We are part of the Scottish Doctoral Training Centre and could potentially supervise behavioural topics in economics, advanced quantitative methods and management. Details of how to apply are available here.

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