Regular Wednesday meetings: As well as the events listed below, the research group meets each Wednesday at 9.30am. Details of these sessions are available here. We encourage people interested in this area to get in touch about meeting our researchers and students at this meeting. We will also host other speakers through the Geary Institute and School of Economics seminars and details of these will be provided in due course.

More upcoming events will soon be announced here.

January 25th: Geary Institute and Amarach Research Event: Decisions and Well-Being in the Irish Population. More information here.



September 8th: Launch of Geary Institute Behavioural Science and Public Policy Stream. Keynote: Professor Peter John. More information here

15th September: Stirling/UCD Workshop on Behavioural Science, Self-Control, and Public Policy. More information here

13th October 6pm: Professor Glenn Harrison from Georgia State University on economics and preference analysis.

18th October 6pm: Professor Til Grune-Yanoff, one of the leading thinkers on the application of behavioural science in public policy.

10th November 2017: Professor Cass Sunstein from Harvard delivered three talks in UCD. Details available here.

November 30: A PhD conference in behavioural science was held at University College Dublin, Geary Institute on November 30th. The programme of the PhD conference is available here.

December 1: The 10th Annual Economics and Psychology Conference was held at University College Dublin on December 1st. Our keynote speakers were Professor Don Ross (UCC) and Professor Jennifer Sheehy Skeffington (LSE). The programme is available here.

September 2016 

Friday September 23rd: Workshop on Behavioural Science: Ethics, Evidence and Policy (Joint with Newcastle Law School) 

October 2016 

Wednesday October 5th 4pm: Behavioural Science Seminar: Nick Hanley (St. Andrews): "Nudges and threshold effects in agri-environment policy".

Wednesday October 12th 4pm: Behavioural Science Seminar: Megan Grimes (Strathclyde) Inconsistent Planning and the Allocation of Tasks Over Time".

Wednesday October19th 4pm: Behavioural Science Seminar; Philip Newall (Stirling) "Behaviourally Informed Gambling Regulation".

Wednesday October 26th 4pm: Behavioural Science Seminar: Benjamin Vincent (Dundee): "Time and probability discounting: how Bayesian methods can improve data collection and analysis".

November 2016 

Wednesday November 2nd 4pm: Behavioural Science Seminar. Philip Powell (Sheffield) "Heart Versus Head: The Effects of Differential Bodily Feedback on Altruistic and Invested Monetary Decisions".

Wednesday November 9th 3pm: Workshop on Naturalistic Behavioural Science 

Wednesday November 16th 12pm to 430pm: Workshop on Unemployment and Precarious Employment 

Wednesday November 23rd 4pm: Behavioural Science Seminar: Dr. Marjon van der Pol (Aberdeen).

Wednesday November 30th 4pm: Behavioural Science Seminar: Dr. Reto Odermatt (Basel) 

JUNE 2016

Tuesday and Wednesday June 7th and 8th: Two-day workshop on statistical techniques using STATA.

Thursday June 9th: 2016 Stirling PhD Conference in Behavioural Science

Friday June 10th: 9th and final ESRC Workshop on Behavioural Science and Public Policy. Keynote speakers: Professor David Laibson and Professor Ulrich Witt.

MAY 2016

Wednesday May 4th 4pm: Behavioural Science Seminar: Professor Muireann Quigley (Newcastle)

APRIL 2016

Wednesday April 6th 4pm: Behavioural Science Seminar: Dr. Thomas Webb (Sheffield University). "Antecedents and consequences of monitoring (and not monitoring) goal progress".

Friday April 15th: Workshop on Behavioural Science, Measurement and Policy.

Wednesday April 27th 4pm: Behavioural Science Seminar: Dr. Noemi Berlin (Edinburgh). "Changing dietary habit: a field experiment on low income families" (with Michèle Belot, Jonathan James, and Valeria Skafida)

MARCH 2016

Wednesday March 2nd 4pm: Behavioural Science Seminar: Bernardo Nunes (Stirling). "Workplace pension plans and saving behavior: evidence from the United Kingdom".

Wednesday March 9th 4pm: Behavioural Science Seminar: Dr. Emely de Vet (Wageningen University). “How to navigate a tempting environment: from explicit directions to implicit cues".

Wednesday March 16th 4pm: Behavioural Science Seminar: Dr. Zhihua Li (Warwick University). "Reference-dependent preferences in outcome sequence comparison: Theory and evidence".

Thursday March 24th: One Day Workshop on Mental Health and Economics 


Wednesday February 3rd 4pm: Behavioural Science Seminar: Stefano Carattini (Grantham Institute for Research on Climate Change). 

Wednesday February 10th 4pm: Behavioural Science Seminar: Dr. John McAlaney; ‘Norms, misperceptions and manipulations: The social psychology of cybersecurity". 

Wednesday February 17th 4pm: Behavioural Science Seminar: Prof Leigh Sparks and Prof Steve Burt (Stirling University). "The potential for behavioural science research in retail contexts".


Wednesday January 27th 4pm: Behavioural Science Seminar: Professor Gerard Hastings (Stirling)



Wednesday November 4th 4pm: Behavioural Science Seminar: Dr Simon McCabe (Stirling): "The influence of death awareness and cultural values on economic and health behaviour"

Wednesday November 18th 4pm: Behavioural Science Seminar: Dr Jody Quigley (Stirling): "The Social Norms of Suicidal and Self-harming Behaviours"

Wednesday November 25th 4pm: Behavioural Science Seminar


Wednesday October 7th 4pm: Behavioural Science Seminar: Dr. Mitch Callan (Essex): "The Antecedents and Consequences of Personal Relative Deprivation"

Wednesday October 14th 4pm: Behavioural Science Seminar: Professor Marjon Van Pol (Aberdeen). "Investigating the Glasgow effect on health".

Wednesday October 21st 4pm: Behavioural Science Seminar: Dr Adam Harris (UCL): "Questioning the status of optimism as a fundamental characteristic of human thought"

Wednesday October 28th 4pm: Mid-term Week

Friday October 30th: SIRE Workshop on Consumption Behaviour


Wednesday September 9th: Behavioural Science Seminar: Dr. Vera Rita de Mello Ferreira

Friday September 18th: Stirling Workshop on Well-Being and Public Policy 

Wednesday September 23rd 4pm: Behavioural Science Seminar: Dr Susann Fiedler (MPI Bonn): "How Social Preferences Guide the Transformation of Objective Payoffs: An Eye-tracking Analysis"

Wednesday September 30th 4pm: Behavioural Science Seminar: Dr Lukasz Walasek (Warwick University): "Sources of variability in estimates of loss aversion"

JUNE 2015

Tuesday June 2: Guest Lecture: Professor Paul Mills (University of California, San Diego): "The promises and failures of the biomedical literature"

Thursday June 25: Stirling PhD Conference in Behavioural Science.

Friday June 26: ESRC Workshop on Behavioural Science and Public Policy.

APRIL 2015

Wednesday April 1: Behavioural Science Seminar: Peter Riefer (UCL) "Modern foraging: exploration and exploitation in supermarkets".

Wednesday April 15: Behavioural Science Seminar: Dr Alexia Gaudeul (Jena) "After the nudge: The impact of nudges on people's attitudes and perceptions"

Wednesday April 22: Behavioural Science Seminar: Professor Ivo Vlaev (Warwick) "Money Lives:  Improving financial capability using behavioural theory and ethnography"

March 2015

Wednesday 4: Behavioural Science Seminar: Dr Peter Matthews (Stirling): "Homo Economicus in a Big Society: Understanding Middle-class Activism and NIMBYism towards New Housing Developments"

Wednesday 11: Behavioural Science Seminar: Dr Stian Reimers (City University London): "Being bad at being random: Coins, lotteries and battleships"

Wednesday 18: Behavioural Science Seminar: Dr Eva Rafetseder "Choice or no choice: Investigating children's ability to feel regret and relief"

Wednesday-Thursday 18-19: Advanced Stata for Behavioural Science

Wednesday  25: Behavioural Science Seminar: Professor Marjon van der Pol (Aberdeen): "Present bias and physical activity"

February 2015

Wednesday February 4: Behavioural Science Seminar: Professor Rory O'Connor (Glasgow).

Wednesday February 11: Behavioural Science Seminar: Professor Mandy Ryan (Aberdeen) 

Wednesday February 18: Behavioural Science Seminar: Dr. Pete Lunn (ESRI): "The Surplus Identification Task: A Psychophysical Approach to Economic Choice".

Wednesday February 25: Behavioural Science Seminar: Professor Nick Hanley (St. Andrews) 

Friday February 27thESRC Workshop on Biomarkers and Social Science.

December 2014
Tuesday 2nd: Professor David Blanchflower (Dartmouth and Stirling). "Labour Market Slack in the UK and US". LTA4. 5pm.

Tuesday & Wednesday 2nd & 3rd: Introduction for Stata for Behavioural Science

Thursday 4thEconomics Seminar:Mirko Moro (Stirling)

November 2014

Tuesday 4th: Economics Seminar: Dr. Bjorn Wallace (Cambridge) 

Wednesday 5th: Behavioural Science Seminar: Dr. Mike Peacey (Bath) "Self-control at college".

Tuesday 11th: Economics Seminar: Jona Linde (VU University of Amsterdam) "Learning and Evolution in a Multi-Round Strategy-Method Minority-Game Experiment"

Wednesday 12th: Behavioural Policy Workshop (3pm to 5pm).

Thursday 13th: Economics Seminar: Bouwe Dijkstra (Nottingham) "Location-dependent payments from households to polluting firms"

Wednesday 19th: Behavioural Science Seminar: Juliane Hennecke (Potsdam). "Locus of Control and Migration Decisions - Evidence from Internal Migration in Germany"

Friday 21st: ESRC Workshop on Personality and Preferences.

Tuesday 25th: Economics Seminar: Chris Belfield (Institute for Fiscal Studies)

October 2014

Wednesday 1st: Behavioural Science Seminar: Professor Liam Delaney (Stirling): "Well-being and unemployment across the life-course".

Tuesday 7th: Economics Seminar: Dr. Luca Savorelli (St Andrews). "New evidence on antismoking policies, obesity, and lifestyles".

Wednesday 8th: Behavioural Science Seminar; Dr. Michael Daly (Stirling): "Early origins of health".

Wednesday 15th: Behavioural Science Seminar: Dr. Andy Siddaway (Stirling): "Following a trauma, which children are most likely to develop posttraumatic stress disorder? Results from a recent meta-analysis".

Friday 17th: Stirling Choice Workshop (Organised by Dr. Danny Campbell).

Tuesday 21st: Economics Seminar: Osea Giuntella (Oxford): "Do immigrants improve the health of natives?"

Wednesday 22nd: Behavioural Science Seminar Dr. Ana Nuevo-Chiquero (Sheffield): "Do personality traits affect productivity? Evidence from the lab" with María Cubel, Santiago Sánchez-Pagés and Marian Vidal-Fernández, IZA Discussion Paper No. 8308 and InstEAD/SERPS no. 2014012

Friday 31stIrish Economics and Psychology Workshop in Dublin (co-organised by centre) 

September 2014

Monday 15th: Induction week for MSc in Behavioural Science

Tuesday 16th: Dr. Richard Murphy (LSE). "Top of the class: the importance of ordinal rank". Economics seminar 

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