Monday, August 17, 2020

Gary King Harvard Quantitative Methods Course

Throughout my early career, I always found the materials provided online by Professor Gary King at Harvard exceptionally useful. He is a remarkable educator and his website is one of the most valuable resources in social science. Even by his own standards, he has outdone himself here by providing all the pre-recordings of his upcoming Harvard Quants Methods course as a youtube playlist here. This is a tremendous resource that works through core quantitative methods across 19 lectures. The lectures will be very useful for anyone with a grounding in statistics who is looking for an introductory graduate or perhaps even an upper-undergraduate overview of quantitative methods for social, behavioural, and political science.  The final lecture on anchoring vignettes might be of particular interest to some of the readers here and, once again, I cannot recommend his website on this method highly enough. Bravo Professor King. 

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