Saturday, June 17, 2017

Economics, Psychology, and Policy Links 17-06-2017

As part of the development of our new group in Dublin, we will be updating the blog over the next few months and I hope to post a lot more. We will launch our new research cluster on September 8th with Professor Peter John as keynote (Details here). Currently, we are in the process of recruiting postdocs and PhD students, and we are starting a new MSc in September. I hope that Dublin will be seen as a vibrant place for the emerging behavioural public policy field.

1. BIT are hiring.

2. The twitter account for the Society for the Advancement of Behavioural Economics is available here

3.  Stirling University are hiring a Professor in Behavioural Science and Health 

4. The Behavioural Economics Guide 2017 is out. This is an excellent and comprehensive overview of behavioural economics across sectors.

5. "Economic Psychology - An Introduction" Textbook by Erich Kirchler and Erik Hoelzl (November 2017)

6. OECD "Tackling Environmental Problems with the Help of Behavioural Insights"  Extensive resources across many areas.

7. Irish government evaluation service primer on starting behavioural trials.

8. Video of Cass Sunstein's recent talk at UCD.

9. First issue of the new journal Behavioural Public Policy, edited by Cass Sunstein, Adam Oliver, and George Akerlof.

10. Peter John interviewed on his new book "How Far to Nudge".

11. Signup page for our July 11th Irish Behavioural Science and Policy network session with Dilip Soman. 

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